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Is Textbooks Renting Right for You?

Are you trying to decide whether or not textbooks renting is right for you? While renting your textbooks can certainly help you save time and money, you might have many concerns about the process. After all, for many people, textbooks renting is an entirely new experience. To that end, here is a look at some of the most common concerns students have when considering doing business with a textbooks renting company.

Will I Really Save Money by Renting My Textbooks?

When compared to buying new books, you can stand to save anywhere from 50 to 85 percent when you rent your textbooks instead. If you buy used books and then sell them back when you are done with them, your savings will not be quite so significant. Still, you can expect to save by renting your textbooks rather than buying them.

Are Rental Textbooks of Good Quality?

Reputable textbooks renting companies will only rent books that are new or are in like-new condition. Furthermore, if you are not happy with the condition of your textbook, most companies will exchange the book for a different one. Therefore, when you rent a textbook, you can be sure the book will be in good shape.

Will I Get the Exact Book I Need When I Rent My Textbook?

When you deal with a textbooks renting company, you can be certain the book will be the same one you are required to have for your class. All you have to do is provide the textbooks renting company with the ISBN number associated with the book. This way, you can be sure to receive the exact same book as the one that is being carried at the campus bookstore.

Will Supplemental Materials Be Included with My Textbook?

When renting your textbook, there is no guarantee that supplemental materials such as study guides, CDs and other materials will be included with the book. Therefore, if these items are an important part of your class work, renting your textbooks may not be the right choice for you.

Can I Highlight in a Rented Textbook?

While all textbooks renting companies do not allow writing in their books, most will allow minimal use of the highlighter. If you are someone who likes to use the highlighter to help keep track of important points, this shouldn’t be a problem. If you need to do more highlighting than what is allowable, you can simply get highlighting tape and then remove it before you send the textbook back. Similarly, if you want to write in the margins, post-it notes will certainly do the trick!

Do I Have to Pay Extra to Send My Textbook Back? The cost of returning your textbook to the textbooks renting company is included in your rental cost. Therefore, unless you choose to purchase your textbooks, there should be no additional costs associated with the rental. In most cases, a postage-paid box and label will be included with your book. When you are done with the book, you simply place it in the box and return it to the rental company.

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